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About Our Services

“We are Coding Developers for a huge amount of Dealers from all sorts of areas of the tuning world and so have spent many years perfecting offerings and support for a range of areas below”

RD Flash Tuning

RD Technik are coding developers. We know our tuning, but importantly, we know our editing softwares and ECU architecture. We stand apart from others because rarely are those put together. Click here to find out more…

RD Euro Tuning Program

This is where it all started for the head of RD Technik. Our in-house R&D cars are usually something from VW/AUDI/AMG or Porsche. Click here to find out more…


Race Development Exhausts are the best sounding highest quality stainless steel exhausts you’ll ever see. With our own Bi-Modal technology available and controlled via our Phone App.  Click here to find out more…


RDT has a significant commercial development arm. In fact the largest commercial tuning network in Australia, APT, is supported exclusively by RD Technik.   Whatever your needs  and requirements, we can meet and exceed them. Click here to find out more…

RD 4X4 Program

RD 4×4 is a significant passion too. 4×4’s are no different to high performance vehicles when it comes to big mods. Big Turbos ? Done. Fuelling upgrades? Done. Exhausts/Intercoolers? Done. Flash coding all developed here in Australia of course. We love our 4wd scene. Click here to find out more…

RD V8 Program

You can’t beat the sound of a V8. It’s that simple. So whether you are after a Stage 1, 2, or a stage 4 supercharged 1000hp beast, then we do a lot of development for our V8 guys and can oblige. We offer full packages too. Click here to find out more…

RD Sports Intake filters

Our growing range of sports intake filters add faster airflow, more power, and faster responses to your vehicle. A cheap upgrade direct drop in replacement easy enough to do yourself. Click here to find out more…


Shop here to purchase all our upgrade products. Click here to enter…

Got a question ? Get in contact with our Sales or Technical and Support Team here

About US

What We Do ?

“We are custom Coding Developers and Tuners specialising in ECU and TCU coding. Between all of us involved we have combined decades of experience perfecting flash coding for the Australian and international markets and for unique demands. If you need something we can usually do it from Line Pressures on gearbox tuning, to Rally-Spec pops and bangs on the overrun on your race car. We have a significant Diesel Tuning arm specialising in massive economy savings as well as massive performance gains if you so wish. And of course our main High Performance division specialising in Euro and Exotic Sports car and race team support.

We have RDT centres all over the world and can tune live, in your time zone, in real time.



“vehicles we offer tuning services for”